Do you need a Lawyer?

" One of the most important ways that an attorney can assist you with this process, is by making sure that you have access to all of the documents that you need to have in order to claim the excess funds that you are due. Your attorney can also make sure that notice is served properly to the lienholder and that the claims process is done correctly. "

- Lopez Law Group

"Your attorney must be skilled at following a specific legal procedure. Tripping up on any step along the way can mean the money you deserve will stay in the government’s possession or abandoned."

-Bilu Law

"There are many different ways a surplus funds claim may play out. - Although it may seem daunting, well-experienced [ ] attorneys can help navigate you through the process that may well lead to a significant recovery for you."

-Sachs Sax Caplan

Why does the internet advise you to hire a Law Firm?

One important thing to note: the sources online that advise you to hire an Attorney... ARE attorneys. It is clearly in their best interest to convince a potential client that the only way to ensure their case will be handled correctly is doing so through them.  But, if an attorney directly handles your claim for you, then the attorney is allowed to take as much as 30% or more of the funds recovered for you. These same sources also claim that a company such as Centauri Claims is incapable of properly submitting surplus claims with the court. While there are many surplus recovery companies that don't operate ethically or are uninformed, there are also many that operate ethically and efficiently.

Centauri Claims works your case start-to-finish with a reliable and highly-rated attorney, who is also responsible for reviewing all of our contracts, who drafts the legal documents, and submits the surplus claim with the court. Rest assured that when you hire us, your claim will be expertly handled by a knowledgable legal professional.  And since our attorney is working for us instead of directly for you, you will not be charged 30% of the funds as attorney's fees.  Be sure to read more to inform yourself on how to identify shady/uneducated surplus refund companies.